English Summary

English Summary

Just Coffee Denmark

Fresh roasted specialty coffee -
With respect for people and the environment

Just Coffee imports organically grown and sustainably traded high quality coffees from around the world.

The coffee is then roasted in our microroastery in Denmark, and packed and sold freshly roasted.

The roasting takes place slowly in our small-batch roaster so the coffees' different characters and tastes are developed to perfection.

Just Coffee is constantly developing new blends and roasts to achieve the best and most interesting coffee variations.

The Environment
All our coffee is organically grown by cooperative small holders – no large scale industrial production.

This ensures a better biodiversity in the coffee growing areas, and advantage for both environment and the people who live there.

As a company, Just Coffee strives to reduce our environmental impact where ever possible. Our labels, brochures and other sales materials are printed on Swan (Nordic eco-label) recycled papers.

Sustainable Trade
Just as we respect the environment, we believe it is only natural to base a coffee company upon respect for the people who grow the coffee.

Most of our coffee comes from cooperatives whose smallholders- often at the family level- have chosen to work together.

Cooperation results in greater effectiveness in production and processing, and a higher wage for their work. Ultimately this system results in the possibility for the farmers to improve their standard of living.


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